Sales tax forms will be online, but payment is to a bank

Business operators who pay sales tax will have to file their paperwork online via the special software provided by the Dirección General de Tributación next month.

The deadline is June 15.

This is the next step in putting much of the government’s paperwork in electronic form. Since last November, sales tax forms had to be generated on the Tributación EDDI-7 software. Instead of filing electronically, the resulting documents had to be printed out. The software added a readable bar code to the form that identified the taxpayer electronically. Taxpayers took these to a bank with payment.

The first two months were messes, but the agency updated the software.

Those who pay sales tax will do essentially the same thing in early June. They will list their sales and compute the taxes they owe. But then the electronic form will be transmitted to the tax
agency. Then taxpayers will have the option of visiting their local bank to pay what they owe or doing so electronically online.

The agency said that the estimated 70,000 sales taxpayers have 10 financial entities that are ready to accept payment. The required data is either a personal cédula number or the cédula juridica of a company. The banks will not accept the previous form with the readable bar codes, said the agency in a news release.

Tributación is anticipating confusion. It said that there are 40 places where sales taxpayers can go for help. These include the municipalities of Barva, Curridabat and Belén. Help also can be found at offices of the Ministerio de Hacienda of which Tributación is a part, the Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología, and the Universidad Estatal a Distancia, it said.

Tributación said that the electronic transmittal of documents will save the government a lot of money and that more forms are expected to be online this year. These will include the D-103 form for employee withholdings, it added.

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