Two police officers detained on robbery allegations

Judicial Investigating Organization photo Judicial agents take one of the police officers into custody.

Some expats joke that the central government is reducing the crime problems by putting criminals and would-be criminals in uniform. That is an exaggeration, but two events Thursday showed that there still are many problems within the Fuerza Publica.

At 9 a.m. judicial agents entered the San José Centro police station and detained two officers. They are charged with aggravated robbery in the abduction of a man last April 17.

Later in the day the Ministerio de Gobernación, Policía y Seguridad Pública reported that 246 police officers and 11 administrative staffers had been let go between May 2010 and last December. The reasons were not listed.

The two police robbery suspects have the last names of Fuentes and Camacho. According to the Poder Judicial they are accused of approaching and then abducting a man who was walking through Parque La Merced about 11 p.m.

Although the abduction happened April 17, agents said they were on the case since March.

The man was taken in a patrol car to Barrio Cuba where he was beaten and relieved of 100,000 colons, about $200 and his residency cédula. The 44-year-old man is Nicaraguan.

A prosecutor was seeking restrictions of the suspects in court late Thursday.

The security ministry said that to improve the quality of police officers, its personnel council had approved a new system of evaluation last month.

That was about the time when officials were firing a police officer who worked in San Pedro because he appears as a Nazi on a Facebook page.

The new personnel standards involve an assessment of efficiency, communication, management of subordinates and interpersonal relations, said the ministry.

The March recruit class at the Escuela Nacional de Policía already has been evaluated with these standards, said the ministry.

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