Typical rainy season weather predicted for entire week

The traditional start of the rainy season in the Central Valley is today, May 15. But nature jumped the gun Monday with heavy rains in some sections of the valley.

More of the same is predicted for today and for the next few days, perhaps as long as Saturday.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said that both the Pacific coast and the Central Valley will see partly cloudy skies in the morning followed by the skies opening up in the afternoon with thunderstorms and downpours. There might even be some light rain on the coast in the morning.

There will be less rain in the northern zone and on the Caribbean coast, the institute said.

In general for the next few days there will be typical rainy season weather. There is a tropical storm, Aletta, off the Pacific coast of Central America, but it is heading west. Still the system is pumping humidity into the skies over Costa Rica, said the institute.

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