U.S. restores certification of Costa Rican shrimp

The United States has lifted an embargo on Costa Rican shrimp, so now the seafood product can be imported.

That was the report Thursday night from the U.S. Embassy.

The United States has concluded that Costa Rican shrimp fishermen have taken sufficient measures to protect marine turtles that frequently are caught in the trawls.

Fishermen are encouraged to use turtle excluders that allow the air-breathing turtles to escape the nets unharmed.

Ambassador Anne Andrew was quoted saying that the Servicio Nacional de Guardacostas and the Instituto Costarricense de Pesca y Aquacultura were instrumental in taking action against boat captains that did not use the excluders.

The decision was based on an inspection at the end of last year, the embassy release said.

The U.S. has cut off Costa Rican shrimp from its markets periodically over the turtle issue.

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