Well, there goes the neighborhood . . . and local pets

A.M. Costa Rica/Vance Richardson The Dominical reptile appears to be on the prowl for lunch

Some bizarre events have taken place on the central Pacific at Dominical.

Resident Vance Richardson said via email that an 8-foot caiman is probably the culprit behind the disappearance of some neighborhood dogs. Recently, the animal graduated to larger prey.

Richardson said that the reptile attacked and killed a cow that was walking in ankle-deep water. That was along the banks of the Río Barú. Unfortunately for the caiman, the river current swept away the carcass of the cow before it could become much of a meal. Nothing goes to waste in nature, however, and, according to Richardson, some surfers spotted the floating carcass, roped it and pulled it to shore to turn it into steaks and chops.

Richardson said they cowboyed the dead critter.

Presumably the caiman still is hungry, which might suggest to locals that perhaps they should not go wading. Frequently locals go into the river with nets for fish. The caiman does not need a net.

Richardson said he hoped that someone would corral the caiman and relocate it to where it could have some reptilian companionship.

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