Winner in land grab case likens life here to ‘Survivor’

Regarding Mr Chilton’s reasonable editorial:

Mr. Chilton, I applaud your stance. However, you make a big assumption that Costa Rica has a functioning “justice” system. At best, it has a dysfunctional “legal” system. Costa Rica justice is an oxymoron. What about the guy that has around 100 arrests for robbery and never seems to do time. Can you say career criminal as in the three-strikes law? I should know as I was caught up in the gears of the Costa Rica legal system for years.

You speak of “rights” and what Ticos “should” do. Ticos do exactly what they should do because the powerful make money at it and it seems to please them just fine as far as rights go. Example: under the Costa Rica “legal” system you have the right to buy your way out of a crime. Yes, if the bad guy thinks he is going to be convicted of property fraud, he/she can make the plaintiff a financial offer and if accepted, drop the case. Hey, Costa Rica has rights. It has the right to perpetuate an archaic system that facilitates a criminal status quo. What do you mean no human rights? Isn’t it humane to forgive and Costa Rica has an outstanding forgiveness record. To forgive is divine, and the national divinity has proved itself by not convicting 90 percent (not a typo) of those arrested.

Just a note but, in Costa Rica a wealthy individual who operates with impunity are known as politicians.

You speak of sanity. Oh you mean like the transit laws that go from a $20 speeding ticket to a $450 speeding ticket (for a while at least) and then back to $20. A sane amount of maybe $125 would not have been reasonable.

Stealing from foreigners happens every minute of every day. Wake up, Mr. Chilton, and smell the café con leche.  Have you ever heard of the Gringo price? Squatting and adverse possession is just another form of that. When it comes to impregnating teenagers and money, Ticos condone double standards: one for Ticos and one for Gringos. Even Ticos who charge the same price to everyone usually don’t object that their compadres charge foreigners more for the same. It’s part of the national divinity, and the price foreigners pay to be here in the divine surrounded by intrinsic wisdom. There are many teenage mothers in my town and never once are the 20-something taxi drivers ever charged with rape. Now if a Gringo knocks up a teenager, it’s major trouble.

Perdone, Don Trevor, y con todo respeto, but property fraud cases take time. It’s like “The Amazing Race.” First you have to ride the district attorney merry-go-round, afterward you receive a clue that leads to your next task: then you have to fire your first and then second attorney, next you have to actually find the people to subpoena and then do the Judicial Investigating Organization’s work for them and much more! No, I don’t think it would take 12 years to deal with some property fraud. Other cases have shown it would take much longer.

There is a simple reason why the laws remain the same regarding squatting. Attorneys derive power and make a load of money litigating these cases. It’s a big time game of “Survivor” where the sole survivor makes a million dollars – just like on TV! So, If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it and ruin the drama, fun and prizes. Just like in “Survivor” attorneys say and do all kinds of deceitful things, like cutting deals with the opposing side or take retainers and do nothing. All kinds of self-enriching schemes and if you know Costa Rica then you know there is no shortage of criminal ingenuity.

If God is willing, then Costa Rica will change its laws. Because it is a divine country God must not be willing to change its laws or obviously the laws would be different. Only logical right?

You refer to justice and honesty and deputados, yet my property fraud case involved the wives of an ex-presidential candidate, the mayor of San Jose and the wife of a Puntarenas deputado. The same level of politicians you say should remedy the laws… hmmmm. There have been many cases in the press and courts and the message has been purposely muffled and muddled.

Mr. Chilton, I am encouraged by your logic, and I support your position 100 percent, but in absence of divine national logic I will just maintain my divine right to sarcasm to humor myself rather than lament that I love to live in an absurd, dysfunctional country full of false pride, deception and dishonesty… just like “Survivor.”

Come to think of it, I won  a version of the real Costa Rica Survivor when my property title was restored and it only cost me about $45,000.00, my hair line, stomach lining and a marriage. I would like to know about others who have won the game of Costa Rica squatter Survivor. To this day, I am the only one I know of in this elite club. Everyone else has been voted off the island. Some day you may be a contestant too! Hey, buen suerte! “The tribe has spoken.”

Phil Baker
Costa Rica

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