Amnet Internet connection crashes for about 90 minutes

Amnet, the cable television and Internet company, had another outage Monday that prevented subscribers from accessing the Web.

A customer service representative said that the outage covered all over Costa Rica. The system failed about 1:40 p.m. shortly after business users had returned to work after lunch. The company posted a voice message on its automatic telephone system, but that said little more than there was no service. Service was restored about 90 minutes later.

The problem appears to be where the Amnet servers connect
with the rest of the world because the Amnet Web page continued to be available . There was no notice of the outage on the Web page.

Amnet experiences periodic crashes for which the company offers no explanation. Recently the wait after a user selects an Internet address has increased, suggesting that either the company’s internal routers are overloaded or that there are experiencing troubles.

The company recently installed new equipment and increased the velocity available to subscribers. Of course, usage has skyrocketed with YouTube, Facebook and movies on demand being available here.

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