Another trucker caught with cocaine at Peñas Blancas crossing

Ministerio de Gobernación, Policía y Seguridad Pública photo Police photo shows where cocaine was hidden in fuel tank.

Yet another trucker has come into the hands of anti-drug police because his rig was carrying cocaine.

The Policía de Control de Drogas said that the detained 34-year-old man was from El Salvador and had the last name of Hernández.

The 103 kilos of cocaine was found Friday in the fuel tanks of the rig when the trucker stopped at the Peñas Blancas border crossing. Hernández entered the country June 2 and was headed to Nicaragua with a load of plastic pipe for delivery there, police said.

Agents did not say how they knew the cocaine was in the tanks. They did say that some 806 kilos of cocaine had been intercepted at the border crossing this year alone.

In another cocaine case, the Tribunal Penal de San José sentenced five fishermen to eight years each last week after they admitted their role in transporting 1,515 kilos of cocaine in their vessel.

They were identified by the last names of Moreira González, Campos Bolandi, Núñez Núñez, Rivas Castrillo and Díaz Pérez.

Last Aug. 28 the fishermen on the 48-foot “María Canela” were intercepted near the Galápagos Islands by the “USS Boone.”

Under terms of a patrol agreement with Costa Rica, Tico seized at sea are turned over to the justice system here along with a sample of the confiscated drug. However, the “Boone” was unable to deliver the boat directly to Puntarenas because the Costa Rican legislature had not passed a measure that allowed U.S. Navy boats to enter Costa Rican waters.

The “María Canela” has been in trouble before. In 2001 it was detained by Ecuadorian officials for illegal shark fishing. It vanished from Puerto Ayora in the Galápagos the following year just as officials there were going to auction it off, said the ministry. Walter Navarro, a vice minister, estimated at the time that the boat was worth about $280,000.

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