Anti-drug agents snag three persons at airport

A Guatemalan man detained after agents found packets of heroin in his stomach went to prison for three months preventative detention Monday after a hearing in the Juzgado Penal de Alajuela. He was detained last week in Juan Santamaría airport. Attendants at the Hospital San Rafael de Alajuela recovered 1.2 kilos of the drug, agents said. The man was identified by the last names of Alfaro Ramírez, He is 21 and was returning to Guatemala from Panamá, said anti-drug agents.

Meanwhile Monday agents detained an Italian citizen with the last name of Pironti at the same airport on the allegation that he had cocaine hidden in a bottle of shampoo. Agents said they found 724 grams of the drug. He is 35.

Last weekend agents also detained a Costa Rican woman identified by the last names of Pérez Fernández. She was headed to Madrid, they said. The 24-year-old woman had 4.3 kilos of cocaine in a suitcase, agents said.

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