Car search yielded boxes full of bottles of alcohol

Ministerio de Gobernación, Policía y Seguridad Pública photo Upon inspection police found that the vehicle was crammed with boxes of alcohol.

Anyone planning to smuggle cases of alcohol better make sure they do not tick off neighbors.

That’s what happened Sunday in Golfito. Someone called police to report that a vehicle was driving through a subdivision at high speed. Also when police arrived and got a chance to look inside the car did they find out that the operator managed to cram 25 cases of alcohol into the vehicle. There were boxes on the back set, on the floor and in the trunk. In all, there were 288 bottles, said the Fuerza Pública.

The car had polarized windows, so the operator figured no one would see into the back seat.

Police are working on the assumption that the alcohol came from nearby Panamá and that the appropriate tax was not paid. Officers said they confiscated the alcohol and also the car. The case is in the hands of the local prosecutor.

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