Celebrities go on YouTube to seek support for Paul Watson

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society continues to bring out celebrities to urge freedom for Paul Watson, the anti-whaling activist and society founder.

The Five Nation Iroquois Confederacy has asked for his release. Brigitte Bardot, the movie sex symbol of the 1950s, also has done so. So has Pamela Anderson and television’s Bob Barker. They all are on YouTube asking viewers to send letters to the German justice ministry asking that Watson not be extradited from there to Costa Rica.

The latest entry is Richard Dean Anderson, who played MacGyver on television and also starred in “Stargate.” He is a member of Sea Shepherd’s board.

In his one-minute YouTube speech he claimed that the Taiwanese shark finning mafia would kill Watson if he came to Costa Rica. He said to extradite Watson would be tantamount to a death sentence.
There also are YouTube videos that are critical of Watson and his aggressive actions against the Japanese whaling fleet and shark fishermen.

Watson is in trouble because his “Ocean Warrior” collided with a Costa Rican fishing boat in Guatemalan waters in 2002.

He did not show up at a later court hearing and said he did not know about it. Eventually Costa Rica issued a warrant.

Despite the YouTube claims, Watson has said he is willing to return to Costa Rica to settle with the fishermen. The collision was taped and became part of the award-winning movie “Sharkwater.” A.M. Costa Rica has called the case against Watson bogus because editors have viewed the tape repeatedly and could not see any damage to the ship or fishermen.

Watson’s crew sprayed them with water because they thought they were fishing illegally for shark.

Watson is out on bail in Germany awaiting court action.

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