Census counts about 15,900 person with U.S. roots living here

The Consejo Nacional de Vialidad released this photo Wednesday to show that the work to put a bailey bridge over a washout on Ruta 142 at Quebrada Flores near Arenal is progressing. The route should be open later today

Those who came here from the United States make up about 4.1 percent of Costa Rica’s migrant population, according to the national census last year.

That means there are roughly 15,900 persons here with U.S. roots. No percentage was given for Canadians, who are presumed to be fewer than U.S. citizens.

Nicaraguans continue to be the greatest number of immigrants, although the flow had decreased somewhat. The census found
287,766 Nicaraguans here or about 76.4 percent of all immigrants.

The numbers are based on self reports by those who were approached by census takers. There also is a significant number of Colombians here and they outnumber U.S. citizens slightly being 4.3 percent of all immigrants, said the census.

Costa Ricans are getting older. The current census counted 7.3 percent of the population as being older than 65.

That percentage was 5.3 in the 2000 census.

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