Costa Rica certainly is not the most polluted country

Joe Furlong photo The beach in Honduras

Regarding Mr. Lema’s letter of 6/26/12 saying that Costa Rica is the most polluted country he has encountered in his many travels. Well, I have traveled the world also, and while Costa Rica is no doubt getting worse with garbage being strewn along its roads, you ain’t seen nothing till you’ve been to Honduras. Enclosed is a photo of a beach I stumbled upon on the east coast of Honduras about five years ago.

I had to get a pic fast as the stench was overpowering.

Once I had the misfortune of getting stuck in traffic behind a garbage truck making its rounds in La Ceiba. Wish I’d had a movie camera as it was simply an open stakebed truck, and the garbage was just being thrown in loosely, the plastic bins emptied upside down amid the hordes of flies and thrown back onto the sidewalk — some of it dribbling back out onto the street.
So as bad as Costa Rica is getting, it has a long way to go to emulate that country just to it’s northeast. YUCK !
Joe Furlong
Venice, Florida

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