Country ducks another tropical storm in the Pacific

The good news is that Tropical Storm Carlotta, which is building to hurricane strength in the Pacific, will have no effect on the country.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said at midday Thursday that the storm is too far north to have an impact here.

The Pacific coast of México, however, is under an alert. The U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida, said that Carlotta was packing 70 mph winds, about 110 kph. The storm center was moving west.

The weekend looks like more of the same with hot mornings with cloudy skies giving away to thunderstorms and showers. There was a string of
showers at midnight in many parts of the Central Valley.

The national emergency commission has lifted an alert it imposed after last weekend’s rain. That came, in part, because a low pressure area that was causing stormy weather here had moved on.

The rain earlier in the week damaged bridges at the Río Blanco in Copey de Dota and another in San José de Upala, said the commission.

There also was the need to evacuate 14 persons from their homes in Palmar Norte. They were housed in a local school after their homes were flooded. The evacuees consisted of three families.

The hurricane center’s graphic display of the Atlantic is clear with no storms in sight.

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