Defensora says country needs more regulation

The defensora de los habitantes, Ofelia Taitelbaum, told lawmakers Monday that the government has lost control of certain aspects of national development.

She spoke specifically about women who had received suspect breast implants did not receive adequate response from health officials. These are the PIP implants that are believed to contain a grade of silicone that should not be used in humans.

The defensora said that health was a right and that the women were not capable of assuming the responsibility and concern for the future.

She said that the health officials had the power to take action against the private entities, mostly clinics that had inserted the faulty implants.

She is scheduled to continue her discussion today before the full legislature. She is expected to continue her request for more laws and governmental oversight of private firms.

She is a former legislator and holds a position that is basically the nation’s ombudsman, an office that is supposed to hear citizen complaints and use power of persuasion to solve them.

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