Forecast says that Sunday will see better weather all over

June is the month with the heaviest rainfall in the first half of the country’s wet season. But those who can hold on will see the Veranillo de San Juan around June 23, said weather forecasters.

The veranillo is a return to drier conditions. The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional noted that winds from the north are weakening now, and humidity is pouring into the country from the Pacific every day. That is why there are late morning and afternoon thunderstorms.

Late in this month, the winds will get stronger, and rainfall will diminish, said the weather experts.

The weekend forecast contains more of the same. Hot humid mornings setting the stage for afternoon storms.
The bulk of the rain will be on the Pacific coast, in the Central Valley and on the Caribbean and northern zone mountains.

The weekend forecast holds out hope for a reduction in the rain for Sunday all over the country.

The rain already took its toll on the nation’s highway system. Ruta 142 that connects La Unión and Quebrada Flores suffered a washout Wednesday night. A slug of water took out the roadway and water lines. This is the highway that goes along Lake Arenal and crosses the dam to the community of Arenal. The Consejo Nacional de Vialidad said crews were working on what it called an important tourist route.

The weather forecast noted that the Atlantic hurricane season begins officially today. So far both the Atlantic and Pacific were clear of storms, said the U.S. National Hurricane Center.

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