Group backing gays plans protest march against rejection of law

A group calling themselves the Invisibles plans a march next week to cleanse the legislature of corruption, hatred and discrimination, it said in a news release.

The march is June 16.

The protest is a response to an action by the legislature’s Comisión de Derechos Humanos which Wednesday shelved a measure that would have given certain recognitions to homosexual couples. The chairman of that committee is Justo Gerardo Orozco, the sole representative of a Christian political party. He was among those who voted to shelve the measure. He did so as proponents of the measure yelled and demonstrated in the hall. Orozco had to be escorted by security from the room.

The group said it is seeking the resignation of Orozco from the chairmanship of the human rights committee and recognition of the right to live regardless of sexual orientation.

The group release also was critical of the political coalition that put Orozco in the chairmanship in the first place.

The release also said the group wanted a secular state and passage of legislation to permit in-vitro fertilization. Those have been hot button issues, too.

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