Military retiree, 73, urges a Democrat vote

I’m 73, a military retiree and university graduate who lived 16 years outside America and been in 30 countries. I’ve also been voting for 55 years, so have seen and experienced the shift in the last 30 or so years toward intense partisanship started by Republican Newt Gingrich.

Today, the net result is a war between politicians — not about important national issues — but about reelection. Behind the scenes and fueling the political wars are the two most powerful men in America, Grover Norquist and Karl Rove. Norquist’s pledge that almost all Republicans must sign and Rove’s money machine totally controls who gets elected and reelected. All that money comes from a very few people who have very selfish interests.

The Democrats do not have two powerful puppet masters pulling the strings nor concentrated money aimed at destroying opponents so have been slowly losing the political wars.

If anyone reading this believes that Republicans have the average person’s best interests at heart you need to look at the facts. They are in office because of the money behind them, and they do what the money tells them to do.

If you already have lots of money, vote Republican. If you think the increasing disparity of wealth and continual political wars should be stopped, vote Democratic.
Doug Hicks
Tampa, Florida

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