New Parque la Libertad hosts 88 bird species

A new book describes 88 bird species that can be found at the new Parque la Libertad in eastern Desamparados and La Unión.

The book “Avifauna” was created by Guiselle Alvarado and Silvia Bolaños, ornithologists with the natural history department of the Museo Nacional. Banco Nacional supported the work.

The park has 34 hectares, some 84 acres.

The land was donated by Holcim (Costa Rica) S.A., the concrete firm, and the government has been working to create a biological garden and a reforestation project as well as a number of other park attractions.

The bird project required a year, said the authors. They said they encountered bird species that are not usually found in an urban setting. About 40 per cent are migratory.

One goal of planners is to make the park part of a biological corridor between Loma Salitral, the Escazú mountains and La Carpintera.

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