Retaining wall completed to secure spectacular drop off

Consejo Nacional de Vialidad photo A motorist would want to stay well on the pavement here.

Anyone who does not think that Costa Rica is a work in progress needs to take a trip along Ruta 222 between Tarbaca and Tranquerillas de Aserrí. This is a key local road that is used by residents of Frailes and La Sierra.

One would want to avoid visiting during a heavy storm or on a moonless night. A spectacular dropoff is just a few feet from the road edge. The highway was undercut last year by rain from several heavy storms, including Hurricane Rina.

Consejo Nacional de Vialidad has spent 272 million colons or about $544,000 to construct a retaining wall anchored to the hillside with large bolts and other devices. That is suppose to secure the roadway from future erosion. The Consejo also orders the construction of drainage systems that control the water and keep it away from key parts of the hillside.

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