Riteve gets 10 more years to inspect nation’s vehicles

The transport ministry had renewed the contract of Riteve SyC S.A., the firm that provides the vehicle inspections.

The Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes said that the firm has not had a single complaint for failing to fulfill its contract. In addition, the state will take over the company’s$25 million in property and machinery at the end of the 10-year extension.

There have been calls to allow other firms offer the same services. But the transport ministry said that not having an interruption in inspections was in the country’s best interest. In addition, it said some 500 families depend on a member having a job with Riteve.

The company will allow its rates to be fixed by the country’s regulating agency instead of by the ministry. The company had complained that it was not getting sufficient return. Some motorists claimed their vehicles were being rejected initially so that Riteve could collect a reinspection fee.

The company also agreed to build permanent facilities in some of the areas where motorists are now serviced by a mobil inspection facility.

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