Sala IV supports student who wears dreadlocks

The personal hairstyle of a student again was the issue before the Sala IV constitutional court. The magistrates sided with the student.

He is Darnell Campbell Moore, who was barred from attending the Universidad de Ciencias Médicas in Sabana Oeste because he wore dreadlocks.

The magistrates said that a youngster of university age had the right to his own image and to determine his own personal presentation as long as it did not offend morality or public order.

In addition, there was no proof that the hairstyle was against the rules of the institution, said a summary of the decision released Tuesday.

Campbell was represented by Epsy Campbell Barr, a prominent politician and a relative.

This is an issue that comes into court periodically, sometimes with racial overtones. Deadlocks are typical of Jamaican culture, and Campbell is black.

Native Costa Rican students also have had trouble at universities for wearing their hair long. One university student who successfully challenged without court an administrator’s ruling on his hair said that he was told that long hair was a sign of being homosexual.

There once was a time when Costa Rican immigration officials would deny entry to young tourists who arrived with long hair.

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