Shootings in Límón blamed on rivalry among gangs

Investigators in Limón believe that gang rivalry is behind the wave of shootings in that canton.

The latest drive-by shooting was Sunday just four minutes before midnight. Judicial agents said that two men, identified by the last name and ages of Hernandez, 36, and Duarte, 22, were outside when a vehicle containing four persons drove by and shot them several times. The men in the car were wearing ski masks, agents said.

Duarte received two shots in the chest, and died at Hospital Tony Facio in Limón. Hernández was hit in the pelvis, and remains at the same hospital in stable condition. This was the third shooting incident in the community in the last two weeks.

A Guadalupe man also died Sunday after being taken to Hospital Calderón Guardia June 14 with gunshot wounds in the chest, right arm, legs and buttock. The man, identified by the last name of Méndez. He was 38. He, too, was outside early that day when two persons in a vehicle shot at him several times.

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