Skateboard tricks are best left to experts like Nacho

Author ready to hop

As the crowd grew, a young skateboarder with four years of experience named Nacho agreed to teach me how to do a few tricks.

“Primero, el ollie,” he said, demonstrating how to hop with the skateboard.

We then traded the skateboard back and forth, me failing to perform the trick and giving it back to him so I could watch his footwork again as he did the trick, all while his friends snickered behind me.

We then moved on to the shove it, a trick which entails hopping off the board, spinning it 180 degrees and landing back on the board, which proved more difficult and more dangerous for people
around me. Each time I attempted the trick, I sent the board spinning uncontrollably in a random direction to the uproarious laughs of Nacho and his friends, who gradually warmed up to me and began shouting advice.

Despite all of the tips and advice, I decided to just let Nacho show me his tricks, which included the flip (flipping the skateboard while he airborne) and then a combination of the flip and shove-it (spinning and flipping the skateboard at the same time).

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