Some more health tips for driving on the Costa Rican roads

Reader Rob Rowntree of Quepos/Manuel Antonio had some additional thoughts on the driving test article of Monday.

11. When driving at night with your bright lights on and approaching an oncoming car, you should:

a. Check to be sure your fog lights are also turned on.
b. Dim your lights out of courtesy for the other driver.
c. Dim your lights so the idiot in the other car won’t hit you head on.
d. Leave your lights on bright. It is more important for you to see where you are going.

12. What do the double yellow stripes in the center of the road mean?

a. Stay on your side of the line.
b. No passing.
c. Only chickens stay on their side of the line.
d. Nothing. It’s only intended as a hint.

13. When traveling on a stretch of road that curves to your left, you should:

a. Stay in your lane.
b. Be aware of oncoming that may be traffic hidden by the curve.
c. Go ahead and pass if you are behind a slower vehicle.
d. Always make sure your left tires are over the yellow line in the other lane so you won’t slide off on the right shoulder. You can always jerk the wheel to the right if you’re about to hit someone head-on.

14. When climbing a hill, you should:

a. Maintain your speed.
b. Move to the right to allow faster vehicles to pass.
c. Drive like a bat out of Hell going uphill. See if you can get it up to 120 kph.
d. Stay in the left lane, no matter how much the hill slows you down.

15. When driving downhill, you should:

a. Maintain speed limit, use brakes sparingly.
b. Ride the tail of the car in front of you. Less than one car length is best.
c. Slow down to at least 10 kph below the posted speed limit.
d. Brake frequently to 40 kph, especially if your brake lights are burned out.

16. When driving a motorcycle, you should always:

a. Park in moto parking only.
b. Park on the sidewalk.
c. Park near other motos if there is no designated parking.
d. Park in an automobile parking space, and remember, only one moto per space. Especially helpful if you are going to a bank or shop with limited parking.

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