Student health trumps commercial liberty, court says

The state has the power to restrict commercial freedoms under certain circumstances, including forbidding the sale of certain food products to students within a school.

That was the decision announced Wednesday in a vendors’ appeal against a new public school ruling restricting the sale of foods high in fats, sugar, salts and calories.

The decision was reached last week.

The Ministerio de Educación Pública issued a decree .in January before the start of the current school year that regulated and limited the sale of certain products at food operations that managed concessions inside schools.

The Sala IV said it recognized that the rules ere to protect the health of students.

The court also cited World Health Organization and other international guidelines that urged governments to adopt policies to guide students to a health lifestyle, according to a summary issued by the Poder Judicial.

The decision also noted that the students are minors and so the ministry can restrict liberty of commerce inside schools

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