Those who attend July 4 picnic will have a parking option nearby

American Colony Committee graphic

To overcome the problem of traffic jams and lack of parking spaces, the American Colony Committee has set up an off-site parking area and a bus shuttle for those who attend the July 4 picnic west of San José.

The site is next to the Avis rental car headquarters in Belén. The Cervercería picnic grounds has limited parking, and visitors have parked in nearby fields in the past. Some visitors had to park on the highway and exit ramps, but that is being discouraged this year. The picnic is from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., and traffic police are sure to be on the General Cañas highway in the early afternoon to snag any expats who consumed too much of the free beer.

A bus stop is on the highway about 200 yards from the entry for the benefit of those who may take a taxi to the picnic but will need a ride back to San José.

Other details are on the committee’s Web site.

A map prepared by the committee to show the location of the parking area is below.

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