Tourism chief Flores outlines zoning plan for Nicoya

The head of the tourism agency said that a new zoning plan for the southern part of the Nicoya peninsula would protect individual who have properties in the maritime zone. However, a summary of his talk does not show he made any mention of the protests that the plan faced in a public meeting Friday.

The tourism chief, Allan Flores of the Instituto Costarricense de Turismo, was meeting with the Comisión Permanente Especial de Turismo Thursday. The agency also has responsibility for maritime concessions.

The meeting as in Cóbano, but the zoning plan also would include Montezuma and other popular beach towns. Municipal officials in Cóbano support the project.

Flores told lawmakers that the plan was in the stage of public hearings. Some of those who showed up Friday carried signs against the plan, according to persons who attended.

Flores did mention that there was a public hearing Friday, but he did not give details. But he did say that residents got a lot of technical details. He said the plan would promote sustainable development.

Many residents of the beach towns have been there for years and are suspicious of a zoning and land-use plan. And many properties are clearly in the maritime zone, which prohibits structures within 50 meters of mean high tide. Much of the main street in Montezuma would fall into that category as well as some hotels outside of town.

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