True conservatives believe in smaller government

As a card-carrying member of the “New American Right,” I’ll try to clear up a few misconceptions. I don’t blame President Obama (D) for the economical mess we are in. I blame both parties, Democrats, who insist on stirring the social engineering pot and moderate Republicans who went along in the spirit of ‘compromise.’ It is clear to this layman, that the false housing/loan market created by forcing banks to loan money to those who could not pay it back (thanks, Barney Frank (D) & Chris Dodd (D)) and Wall Street (with Fannie & Freddie’s help) repackaging those loans worldwide caused this mess.

True conservatives believe in market forces, not picking winners and losers.

President Obama promised Hope & Change. No mention of an actual plan. So instead of focusing on job one, the economy, He diverted his attention on cramming his massive health care plan through a Democratically controlled Congress (took two years!). Whether you agree with Obama Care or not, he placed his agenda above the nation’s.

My healthcare costs have gone up since this was passed. Ooops!

President Obama (D) got almost a trillion dollars (from my kids) to stimulate our current economy. He said unemployment rate would not rise above 8 percent, it did. Jobs were created under his watch, yet more were lost. Even more jobs were never counted in this ‘unemployment rate’ figure. This is all moot because government only creates federal jobs, not private sector jobs. Unless of course, you count the government’s investments in GM and Solyndra. The former still owes my kids billions of dollars and the latter went belly up with our kid’s money. At least the United Auto Workers Union is better off! The best thing government can do is to create an environment for innovation, investments, expansion, and responsible regulations.

True conservatives believe in private sector jobs, not taxpayer funded jobs.

Federal spending (why include state & local) has increased as a percentage of our GDP, just google ‘rate of government spending.’ Overall federal spending has dipped, and our federal deficit is peaking. That can’t be good! Again, both Democrats and moderate Republicans are happy spenders. GSA is out of control. Tip of the iceberg?

True conservatives believe in a smaller controllable federal government.

Taxes? We do have a lot of wealthy, successful people and they currently pay a large percentage of the federal spending bill. People come to this land of opportunity (U.S.) from all over the world, to become successful. Why punish them? What’s wrong with a fair tax where everyone has skin in the game, else we’ll have a federally funded voting pool dependent on (wait for it …) federal funding – an infinite loop with no exit strategy.

True conservatives believe any corporate tax will be passed on to their customers as a hidden value added tax (again duh?).

So the decision is not Obama vs Romney. It is (D) vs. (R) or (L) or (G) – but I digress. Civics 101 tells us Congress is in charge of the nation’s purse strings with the president nodding along. Conservative Republicans (under Newt’s leadership) controlled both houses during the last three sessions of the Bill Clinton presidency. Results: surpluses. Moderate Republicans controlled the next three sessions under George W. Bush’s and progressive Democrats controlled the next 2.5 sessions, resulting in higher deficits. What do you want? Surpluses or deficits?

Sooo, do we double down on more spending (more inflation – shrinking savings account – another hidden tax), alienating businesses (job creators) with higher taxes, and create more unsustainable social programs.

Or do we return to conservative ‘sustainable’ values; smaller government, lower fairer taxes, pay down on our kid’s debt, create an environment for job creation (freeing up trillions of investment dollars) with responsible regulations, programs that give a hand up (not provide a way of life), restore state & local governments rights (per our Constitution), and a pony in every backyard.

True conservatives believe our Constitution is the contract between “we, the people,” and our federal government and should not be referred to as outdated. Read it – there’s even a way to modify it with “we the people”.
Steve Clark

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