Two held in ATM scam that stole credit card data

Two men have been detained as suspects in a scam that stole credit card information with a device stuck in automatic tellers.

The Poder Judicial identified both men as Bulgarians with the last names of Chopov and Alexandrov. But the Judicial Investigating Organization said over the weekend that one of the men was a Canadian.

The Poder Judicial said that both men were jailed for preventative detention.

Judicial police said that 12 persons had been defrauded in May in Limón, but that the current investigation involved scams at banks in Tamarindo and Flamingo.

Agents said the men were detained Friday afternoon in Carrillo when they were headed to their lodgings in Liberia. A search of where they were staying turned up portable computers, credit card blanks ready for duplication and other evidence, they said.

One of the fake credit cards cloned in Limón was used in Canada, said agents.

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