University founder held for putting her students to work

Judicial Investigating Organization photo Agents take Ms. Madrigal to a wating car for transport.

Agents detained the founder of a university after students complained that they were forced to work after getting a scholarship.

The detained woman is María de los Ángeles Madrigal Monge, head of the Universidad Creativa, which had three locations in the Central Valley: Sabanilla, San Pedro and Zapote. Agents searched them all. They also searched her home and a farm in Acosta where students complained they were made to build a retaining wall in exchange for the scholarship.

The situation was made public by reporting on a local radio station.

The Poder Judicial said that the woman was questioned formally by prosecutors from the organized crime section and that she was remanded to a cell operated by the judicial Investigating Organization for an appearance today before a judge.

The Poder Judicial described the case as one of labor exploitation.

The dozen or so students worked as domestics and even as bartenders during school events, according to the allegations.
The university boasts 15 distinct majors that are designed to stimulate creativity.

Instead of scholarships, the program that is being investigated appears to be more like work-study situations.

Such work-study positions are common at many universities.

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