Astrologer plans encounter based on stone spheres

The Canton of Osa, the home of the pre-Columbian stone spheres, is getting world class promotion from a Spanish astrologer. The Spaniard plans a six-day event in October centered on the spheres, which he calls the greatest archaeological enigma in the world.

“It will be a magical and unforgettable event,” he said on aWeb site. Archaeologists are uncertain about why the spheres were made. The current best guess is that they were symbols of power placed near the homes of leaders.

The astrologer, Vicente Cassanya, says the stones are symbols of unity, eternity and perfection.

Although archaeologists at the Museo Nacional might be a bit uncertain about the project, called “Proyecto Esferas. Osa, lugar de encuentro,”  Cassanya is so taken with the area and Costa Rica that he writes extensively on his own Web site about the natural beauty, the animals and the climate.

The museum is developing a companion museum in Palmar Norte on land it owns there, and the spheres are being considered for inclusion in the U.N. world heritage list.

The spheres have been the subject of many bizarre theories, including that they were made by residents of Atlantis and/or space aliens.  Cassanya stops short of such concepts and says one of the goals of the session here will be to increase the visibility of the spheres in the world.

Among those coming, according to Cassanya, are Carmen Thyssen, widow of Baron Thyssen-Bornemisza, and Fernando Berrocal, the former security minister who is identified as the encounter’s legal director.

Also on the list of invitees is Ivar Zapp, the academic who authored “Atlantis in América.”

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