Caja needs to improve service to reduce prescription default

Regarding the story on Wednesday, July 18, on the Caja prescription pickup failure rate:

I think it is amazing that 92 percent of the prescriptions filled by Caja are picked up by the patient.  Multiple trips to file prescriptions and to schedule appointments must be very difficult and expensive for even the most patient patient, especially the farther one is from the clinic/hospital.  Working clients must be particularly frustrated by the multiple trips and poor adherence to scheduled times .

Caja administration should join the 20th century ( nice if they could go the entire way and check into the 21st) and institute phone and Web ordering and scheduling for their patients. The current system is wasteful of both public and private resources.  It is understandable why only a third of the people are members of Caja and likely fewer are regular clients of Caja. A healthy young person wouldn’t willingly stand for the problems. But those are the very people who could lower the per-member cost, and an unhealthy person could have real problems with the multiple trips required.

The most important issue should be that the 8 percent are not receiving the medicines that the doctors have prescribed.  The effort to fill the prescription is the same regardless of whether the prescription is picked up or not, so only the reshelving is a loss.  How can the system improve the pickup percentage? Ideas like more days to pick up, Internet and phone refill orders, longer supply so few refills are necessary, more months of refills issued for chronic conditions, mail delivery of prescriptions and undoubtably there are other ideas other than to conclude that the 8 percent are deadbeats.

John Osborn
member and patient of Caja
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