Head of man in grim video turns up in Montreal park

Police in the eastern Canadian city of Montreal say forensic tests have confirmed that a human head found in a park belongs to a Chinese university student who was killed and dismembered in May.

The severed head of Jun Lin, a student at Montreal’s Concordia University, was discovered Sunday, more than a month after his severed foot was mailed to the headquarters of Canada’s ruling Conservative Party. Other body parts were mailed to Canadian politicians in the capital, Ottawa, and two schools in Vancouver.

Jun’s torso was found by a janitor in a suitcase outside the Montreal apartment of Luke Rocco Magnotta, who has been charged with the murder. The victim’s head was the last missing body part.

Investigators say Magnotta recorded himself on video dismembering, sexually abusing and eating parts of the body, then posting it on the Internet. The 29-year-old porn actor traveled to Paris and later to Berlin, where he was arrested last month and extradited back to Canada. He is also charged with abuse of a corpse, publishing and mailing obscene material, and harassing Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other members of Parliament.

Police say Magnotta, who was dubbed “the Canadian Psycho” by media, also may be responsible for other crimes, including killing kittens and posting the acts online.

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