Hearing starts Tuesday for those who lost vacation club cash

Prosecutors are convening a private audience for persons defrauded by a vacation scam.

Some 161 persons have filed complaints, and prosecutors estimated that each lost about $1,000 on average.

The hearing will start Tuesday in the  Juzgado Penal de San José. It is expected to last nearly the entire month. The Poder Judicial has posted a list of those who are official complainants who can attend the hearing. It is HERE!

The case involves the company Antur and five individuals. The firm engaged in telephone solicitation to offer attractive tours to Cancún and other locations, said the Poder Judicial. Initially the company workers told members of the public that they had won a trip but that certain fees had to be paid upfront.

Sometimes would be customers were invited to dinners at top restaurants.

Prosecutors contend that the vacation packages were false and are seeking to bring the case to trial.

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