INS says it will stop accepting paper reports Aug. 1

The national insurance company is eliminating monthly paperwork in the same way that other government agencies have.

The Instituto Nacional de Seguros said Wednesday that it will not accept paper forms forriesgo de trabajo or employee insurance as of Aug. 1. The monthly reports of employee salaries and time on the job usually are due by the 10th day of the month.

The institute, known as INS, has been accepting electronic filings as an option for years, but a press release Wednesday said that a new system, called RT Virtual was being adopted.

The elimination of paper forms is part of the government program to reduce the use of paper.

In order to enter the electronic system, an employer has to have a user name and password. The agency did not make clear if current electronic users have to obtain a new password for the new system.

The new system does not address one of the major complaints by expat employers. They have complained for years that the same information is required of the insurance agency that is required by the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social. They wonder why the government could not come up with one form for both agencies. Both forms seek employee monthly salaries. The Caja needs this information to assess social security charges, and INS needs the information in case an employee suffers an injury and has to be compensated for missed wages.

INS also said that any additions or deletions from the list of employees had to be done electronically, too. Employers try to add new workers provisionally on the day he or she starts to work.

A.M. Costa Rica reported Tuesday on the trials and tribulations of trying to present the required monthly sales tax report to the Dirección General de Tributación. That agency requires filers to download a fat piece of software, and they keep upgrading the program.

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