Judicial agents will give warnings to job seekers

Mall San Pedro will host a job fair this weekend, and judicial police will be there to urge caution by job seekers.

The Judicial Investigation Organization said that there are unscrupulous persons who pretend to offer jobs to take advantage of job seekers.

Last year judicial investigators handled 23 cases that included 39 victims of sexual exploitation, labor exploitation or other aspects of trafficking in persons, the agency said in a release.

This year there have been 13 arrests and 44 victims, about half listed as victims of sexual exploitation, said the agency. That includes dancers at a strip club who complained that there were being exploited.

Agents will be distributing information Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They are doing so at the invitation off the job fair organizers.

Agents point out that job seekers, particularly the young, are vulnerable to deceitful employment offers, including some in newspaper ads.

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