Local author pens third novel based on race for presidency

Local author, Albert A. Correia, will soon release the third book in his Eden Trilogy, a political drama and thriller set in Costa Rica that follows the lives of an idealistic doctor and an ambitious attorney.

Correia said that the latest book, “A President for Eden,” will be
ready for publication in about three weeks, and it will be released solely in digital form on Web sites like Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Correia moved to Costa Rica 17 years ago from Southern California. He found inspiration for the series while people-watching at the Gran Hotel Costa Rica in 2006 and decided to write a series that incorporated the country and its people. “Costa Rica is an interesting place, and the people are interesting,” he said. “So, I wanted to write a book set here.”
The two main characters throughout the trilogy are a doctor that runs a series of medical clinics that serve the poor and an at-times corrupt attorney aspiring to become president of Costa Rica, and their lifelong rivalry.

Correia said that the books now write themselves independently of what he thinks will happen.  “Sometime early in the game the characters took over the book,” he said. “I have no idea what they’re going to do.”

The new release as well as his other books, “Even in Eden” and “Eden: Health, Politics and Rage,” will be available on his Web site and all major book-selling Web sites solely in digital form. That includes A.M. Costa Rica.

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