New Centro Costarricense exhibit features nature and harmony

The artist titled this 'Paisaje 8'

Costa Rican artist Christian Wedel will present his fourth exhibit “Naturaleza, Patrones y Armonia” at the Centro Cultural Costarricense Norteamericano.

Wedel’s paintings use emotion, personification and symbolism, to unite natural Costa Rican landscapes and shapes with a global perspective.

“Nature, humans and the relationship we share has always inspired me much,” said Wedel. In this new exhibition, I attempt to create worlds in that man and nature are one. I love relating images to microscopic landscape and trying to create compositions. It is interesting too as we live in a world in the can see a tree full of leaves, see the leaf more close in our hands, and even, see the leaf through a microscope, and all exist at the same time.”

He has observed nature, microorganisms, crystals, water and air, and related them to physical and scientific nature.

“Through this exhibition, the artist introspectively explores his thematic resources and organizes all these elements that symbolically translate his concerns, concepts and sketches into creations that are images so suggestive with indefinite atmosphere, and that question the time, the rhythm of this and the theme of reference: the universe around integrated frame of creative possibilities,” said Juan Diego Roldán, coordinator of visual arts at the Sophia Wanamaker gallery.

The San José native has been painting for the last eight years. Currently, the 26-year-old is finishing his thesis in advertising design at Universidad Veritas.

Wedel’s goal is to transfer all the images in his head to paper.

“Since childhood I always liked drawing, coloring, create objects and toys,: he said. When I was 19, I started to become more seriously interested in painting and studied artists who influenced me much at that time. Since then I’ve been trying to represent the ideas that fill the mind and let them flow with the painting and drawing.”

The artist has been featured in individual exhibits since 2007. His first, entitled “False Awakening,” was hung in El Farolitio in the Centro Cultural Español. His exhibit called “Inner Nature” was on display at the Galeria Sasso Sasso at Universidad Veritas in 2009, and in 2011 he had a solo exhibition at Shakespeare bar and gallery and Sala Garbo.

This recent exhibit will be in the Sophia Wanamaker Gallery until Aug. 22 and is free to the public. Patrons can deeper explore the world through Wedel’s paintings.

The Centro is in Los Yoses

“All the paintings that work for this exhibition attempts to represent the incredible thing that is the universe for us and the positive way in which what we have explored or played,” Wedel said.

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