Nicoya residents to protest July 25 over lack of citizen security

Nicoya residents have launched a strong criticism of police operations in their area and say that the security of citizens in all of Guanacaste has deteriorated.

A local priest, Elías Mejías, in Barrio San Martín in Nicoya sent a letter to Laura Chinchilla. He appears to have the backing of the Municipalidad de Nicoya because his letter was summarized in a news release from that office. Mayor Marcos Jiménez is said to be in full agreement.

The letter said that the unhappy residents are planning some kind of pressure tactic for July 25 when, as is tradition, Ms. Chinchilla and her cabinet meet in the community of Nicoya. The date is the public holiday marking the Anexión de Guanacaste to Costa Rica in 1824. The priest also called for a change in command of security forces that are now in Guanacaste. He said he was unhappy and frustrated by lack of replies from the security ministry. The release said that the local chamber of commerce supports the ideas expressed in the letter. The priest said he was sick of sitting through unproductive meetings on the topic.

There were no examples of crimes or other situations that showed a lack of police presence.

The Chinchilla administration has said repeatedly that the crime situation has improved in the country. This is, in part, due to flooding the central canton of San José with Fuerza Pública officers.

This also had the result of causing criminals to move into the suburbs to commit their crimes.

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