Nine-hole golf course opens for public in the Cartago area

Eagle Eye graphic The nine-hole course is a par 31.

Eagle Eye Golf Costa Rica, the first golf course for the Cartago area, is open to the public, and its operators say it has the goal of bringing affordable golf to all in a comfortable atmosphere.

“We are breaking the myth that golf is expensive or golf is only for the elite,” said Angela Berrocal from Eagle Eye.

The nine-hole golf course was the vision of owner Viviana Arrieta and manager William Campbell. The course opened July 14 after three years of construction. It is located in a countryside town called Bermejo in the Cartago providence.

Around 100 people attended the opening and 25 people played golf.

Directors at the golf course said that their market is U. S. expats who live in Costa Rica or who are planning to come to Costa Rica. They want to provide a place that is comfortable for those who may not be golf experts or for those who feel out of place because they aren’t considered upper class.

“If I speak to 100 people and ask if they want to play golf, 98 of the people say ‘No, I don’t want to play. It’s expensive,’ or ‘I like to play, but I don’t feel welcome because of class differences.’ It’s sad but it’s true,” said Ms. Berrocal.

“At our course you can be able to come and play at an affordable place. We give you lessons, and you can bring your children. People are going to be comfortable, and it’s going to be quiet and peaceful,” she added.

“In the mountains of Cartago you have a beautiful view, nice weather, very fresh atmosphere that is very good to play golf,” said Ms. Berrocal.

A unique feature about this golf course is the use of three grasses, bentgrass, ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass. This is the first golf course in Latin America to use them.

“We have the different colors which gives it a nice effect,” said Berrocal.

It is also the first semipublic golf course in the country. Campo de Golf Monterán in Tres Ríos is the closest to the area and it, like most of the others in Costa Rica, are private, and patrons pay memberships.

Eagle Eye offers golf lessons, rents equipment and sells clothes and gear in a pro shop. There is a restaurant and sports bar in the works to be built, and, eventually, the golf course will be expanded. Beginner lessons are $30 for one and a half hours. It is also $30 to play a nine-hole game.

“If we compare our prices with the rest of the golf course, we are more affordable. Our course is very attractive because you get the same features as the other places,” said Ms. Berrocal.

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