Organization setting up home for exploited kids gets permit

Salvando Corazones has received a license from the Ministerio de Salud to operate a safe house for young female victims of sexual enslavement, the organization said. María Jesús González, health chief, told the organization that this is the first license of its kind ever issued in Costa Rica, Salvando Corazones said.

Salvando Corazones is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the fight against the trafficking of children into the sex industry in Costa Rica. Child survivors of commercial sexual exploitation living in Salvando safe houses will receive schooling, rehabilitative services, and the unconditional love and support of a dedicated staff, the organization said.

María Fejervary, executive director of Salvando Corazones,  is overseeing small-scale renovations to the house including the installation of banisters and the conversion of bathrooms for handicapped accessibility. Before Salvando can begin accepting children into the home in the Lake Arenal area, it will need to furnish it and secure operating costs for at least one year of operation, the organization said.
Ms. Fejervary says that the opening of this first safe house is just a start, and that more are in the works.  “But all the safe houses in the world are not going to fix the core problem. We need to de something to stop the sexual exploitation of children in Costa Rica,” she added. “If we’re going to make a real difference, we’ll need a lot of help from government agencies, community partners, and the public. This needs to be a group effort.”

The organization has its Web site HERE.

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