Paul Watson is afraid to stand up for his cause

Once again the most notorious pirate of our times has jumped bail! Paul Watson fearing that if extradited by Germany to Costa Rica, he might then have Costa Rica petitioned by Japan to be extradited there. He has made a career by harassing the whaling fleets of Japan and selling the tapes of these exploits to TV channels worldwide. This is a classic example of the ends not justifying the means.

I deplore Japan’s whaling industry and practice, however, Mr. Watson and his band of merry men and women are breaking International laws in their efforts to stop whale hunting. Now he has become a fugitive from Germany skipping bail. He is a coward. If you believe in your cause more than your bank account, Mr. Watson, appear in Costa Rica. A trial would give you a platform to spew your beliefs.

But I think you are afraid of going to prison more than you are dedicated to your cause. Reporters constantly go to jail to protect their sources. Man up, Paul Watson. Come back to Costa Rica and face up to the charges. You will receive a tremendous amount of worldwide press coverage which will help your cause. I think you are afraid.
Patrick Mach
St Augustine Florida / La Uruca, Costa Rica

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