Residents in San Ramón seek Texas collaboration

Four representatives from San Ramón have visited Austin, Texas to promote collaboration around environmental initiatives. During their visit the group met with the city officials and representatives of a number of organizations and agencies.

The meetings focused on opportunities for collaboration including San Ramón carbon neutral, renewable energy generation; university exchange programs, infrastructure improvements; green building supply exports, scientific industrial park anchors, manufacturers, assembly, testing and central and Latin American operations, said the delegation.

The group included José Zaglul, president EARTH University who was born in San Ramón; Jorge Araya, president of the San Ramón Chamber of Commerce; Glen Nickerson, renewable energy executive and 22-year resident of Austin, and Mike Styles, president and co-founder of the Community Action Alliance of Costa Rica. Zaglul was a guest of Whole Foods which sells EARTH University sustainable bananas and other sustainable food products and is headquartered in Austin.

The San Ramón delegation said it targeted Austin as a potential sister city based on shared values and vision: Austin is a leader in sustainability, carbon neutrality, renewable energy, technology incubation, project commercialization, alliance formation and cultural exchange/technology transfer.

“We have been focusing on Austin because of its reputation as a world class innovator in green initiatives, said Styles. “The development model used in Austin which relies on collaboration between government, education and business has produced tangible results which we believe can be modeled in San Ramón. We also believe that San Ramón has much to offer Austin as witnessed by the overwhelming openness and willingness to collaborate shown during every meeting we took: they want to help. We believe there is much to be accomplished based on these shared values and many bridges that can be created.”

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