Sala III upholds murder conviction imposed on Nosara man

The Sala III high criminal court has upheld a sentence of 16 years for a Nosara man convicted of murder. The Poder Judicial reported on the decision Friday. The man, Jorge Arturo Sirias Sequeira, was found to have murdered Michael Eduardo Rojas Murillo, then 23, of Matapalo de Abangares. April 18, 2009.

The verdict came from a second trial because the Sala III had annulled an earlier verdict.The latest trial was April 14, 2011,
in the Tribunal de Juicio de Nicoya, The defense lawyer for Sirias appealed that verdict, too, but the Sala III decided that the appeal lacked merit.

The murder happened near the Nosara airport because residents said they heard a shot. But the body was dumped about 10 kilometers (6 miles) away. The two men are believed to have known each other and had been on friendly terms. Rojas received a blow to the head as well as a bullet, according to the Poder Judicial.

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