Security ministry debuts new logo, image and Web site

This is the new logo for the ministry

The security ministry unveiled a new Web site Thursday that allows citizens to file complaints against police officers and provides telephone numbers for many reasons to contact the police. There also is access to security courses that citizens may want to take.

The new site is

The ministry said that a new logo has been created and that the agency is trying to change its image. The Web site bears the title Ministerio de Seguridad Pública, which is a shortening of the cumbersome Ministerio de Gobernación, Policía y Seguridad Pública.

The Web site also has a section where individuals can contract a certain amount of business with the ministry, but the pages are mostly sources of information.

One section is for persons to report a stolen or missing firearm. But upon clicking that link the individual is asked to go to the Departamento de Armas y Explosivos to report the problem in person.

The site also provides information on what documents are needed when persons go to the ministry to have their fingerprints taken.

The Web site also is a tool for recruitment because there are several links for persons who seek to be police officers and join the Fuerza Pública.

There also is a feed of ministry press releases.

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