Speed of Patriot Act OK intimidated the public

I believe that the speed of implementing and the enormous force of The Patriot Act was an overwhelming action to the American public! Literally overnight, many of the pillars of American freedom were erased by a document that was not read or understood by members of Congress! And by an administration that unleashed new and frightening authority not only on American soil, but around the world!

That these violations of the Bill of Rights were never reversed or corrected is a very troubling aspect of the patriotism of all national leaders, from the president down! Further, I believe that this act sent a message of intimidation and fear over the American people, and that this WAS the intention of those who drafted the act! Fear of the new power and unbridled authority of their federal government; that was NEVER the intention of the writers of the Bill of Rights!

That the American people would continue to “fly the flag” and sing of the greatness of the U.S.A., in light of this striping of their basic liberties, is troubling and confusing to me! Have the majority of the people just given up?

Thank you for posting this important letter from another concerned expatriate!

Michael Connolly
Santa Cecilia de Heredia

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