Tattooed man considered member of Latin gang

Judicial Investigating Organization photo The detained man has plenty of tattoos including one with his name..

The Judicial police and immigration agents detained a 27-year-old man from El Salvador Wednesday because they identified him as being a member of an international gang.

The man, who has the last name of Guzmán, overstayed his 30-day tourism visa by a few days, but he also was working, which is not legal. The man appeared to have no trouble in entering the country June 6 at Peñas Blancas. He had been in Costa Rica previously and is believed to have been living in San José andworking in Hredia.

The man was confined at the Hatillo immigration center to await legal action, said the Judicial Investigating Organization.

There is probably little that the man can say to avoid being connected with a Salvadorian gang. He has the words Mara Salvatrucha tattooed on his stomach. The rest of his upper body is covered extensively with tattoos, as is the custom with gang members.

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