Three Diablos held in nearly year-old murder in Pavas

Three suspects who belong to a gang known as Los Diablos came into law enforcement hands Friday when judicial agents conducted raids in Rincón Grande, Metropoli 2, Villa Esperanza and Lomas del Río, all Pavas, and in Alajuelita. The men, 29, 20 and 21, are suspects in the murder of a man agents said was a purveyor of drugs in the area.

The victim, identified by the last name of Barrantes, became involved in a dispute with the gang, agents said. Aug. 29,
2011, the gang tricked Barrantes and lured him to a spot where he was shot, said agents.

In one raid, agents routed a man who fled and dropped a briefcase containing crack cocine and cash. At another location in Rincón Grande they found a chicken-fighting facility. They said the luxury fighting ring was air conditioned and contained a bar and easy chairs. There also were birds in cages.

The gang got its name not by their own choice but because they are located on what is known as the Finca de los Diablos.

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