U.S. Embassy now offers 53 items of furniture

The U.S. Embassy is open for business again.

The embassy has posted 53 items of furniture on the Rematico auction Web site.

The articles will be on display Friday and Saturday at the auction sites storage facility in Bodega Morepark #4. The auction site provides a map on its Web site.

The auction this time offers desks, bedroom sets, washers, dryers, a Whirlpool refrigerator and a Whirlpool dehumidifier. Web shoppers place bids, and the highest bidder wins. The last U.S. Embassy auction offered motor vehicles.

One individual has purchased 315 items at auction since February 2007, according to the Web site. Rematico does not do much advertising for the auction except send out emails to those who have registered, and the embassy starting prices appear to be highly competitive.

The embassy has been selling surplus goods this way since October 2005.

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